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To the Times of Ti:

My husband and myself have recently become aware of the Streetroad water project and are extremely concerned. We have a private drilled well.

According to the town of Ti’s regular board meeting on April 11 the new Streetroad system will need a capacity of 1 million gallons a day to reach the need of the town.

Anyone who has their own private well in this vicinity should be worried what this could potentially do to their private wells.

Could this potentially cause a private well to run dry? Could it potentially cause you to lose flow to your home where you won’t get the gallons per minute as you have paid for? What will happen to our private wells in the heat of the summer?

There are so many questions that need to be answered for us homeowners that live in the vicinity of this new well that’s been drilled on the Rafferty land on Rte. 9N in Streetroad.

We would like all of the homeowners to get together and ask questions at the next town board meeting on May 9 at 6 p.m. We cannot wait until a problem starts and then ask questions. We have all paid for our own private wells and rely on them daily, not lose our water due to the town depleting them. This is a serious matter.

A million gallons of water a day is a lot of water to feed the hamlet of Chilson and the town of Ti. We just don’t have the runoff we use to.

As homeowners of a private well, we are extremely concerned of what this will do to the water table and our private well and also private wells of our neighbors.

Please be concerned and call your supervisor and ask questions and have this put on the agenda for the next town board meeting May 9 at 6 p.m. We need answers immediately.

Debby and Steve Palmer, Ticonderoga

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