Powerless without guns

To the Editor:

The reason the Times of Ti editorial can be appreciated as a fine editorial is that the words themselves appearing in the March 16, 2013 edition give us a good understanding of the issue. 

In this article you said “what Essex County has done is exactly what opponents of the law have been slamming the state for not doing, taking their time and getting feedback from their constituents on how to address the matter.” 

Our great respect for common sense and keen observation may unite those of us in the North Country as Washington Essex. 

Meanwhile an unusual similarity does exist with the quick acting members of the New York State legislative on the one hand and the machine-like precision of the rhythmic robots that are goose-stepping in North Korea on the other hand. The machine-like legislators are simply robots as they vote without the slightest attempt to be responsible representatives of the people that elected them in the first place. Almost everyday these strutting and goose-stepping legislators appear on the TV, but fortunately we can replace them in the next election.

Replacement is necessary because never beore has sensationalism been used for such diabolical political advantage as is now the case. I speak as a republican who can say most of my closest and trusted friends are registered democrats. 

The real and important issue is gun power and not gun control. The vacant, possibly diseased and certainly animal-like mind in human form of the perpetrator of the Newtown tragedy is rarely mentioned. Instead, sensationalism appears to be the method of all politicians alike- Democrats and Republicans. 

Power of the people is part of gun power and without guns we are powerless. Those that propose gun control want to make us useless, but uselessness is the most the legislators ever achieve for themselves. 

Uselessness is the case also with 900 million peasants in China and no one is allowed to rise above the peasant level to any level of importance or they will be crushed. The execution of many young men and women of Tiananmen Square has proved this. Uselessness will also be the case with all of us here in America is we allow comprehensive universal background checks. 

Stilling Knight, Hueletts Landing

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