Not the place

To the Valley News:

There are many forums available for political expression. But to put at risk the tax status of a long-standing and much loved organization by posting material of a political nature at this facility is not one of them. And the U.S. Post Office does not take kindly the flagrant disregard and violation of its regulations by the use of its lobby as a bully pulpit fttttttting political agendas. These are egregious and despicable acts that should not be condoned or tolerated.

Society never benefits from the misrepresentation of facts nor the underhanded and cowardly acts of political sabotage and dirty tricks. In the future, we must encourage civil engagement and open, intelligent dialogue to solve our problems and differences.

Let’s put the interests of Elizabethtown first and discourage those who would do otherwise.

Evelyn Hatch


Elizabethtown Town Board

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