Noel alleges that Harry and Margaret gave the town and the county a good fleecing when the county had to build a new section of dirt road that supposedly cost $70,000. I suggest that Noel find someone to go on the computer for him and Google how many people pay taxes to Essex County. Then he can ask someone to divide that number into $70,000. I think he will then find that his so-called fleecing amounted to only a few cents per taxpayer. The county attorney who handled the lawsuit receives an annual salary, regardless of the work he does for the county.

Noel and Ken complain about Margaret’s donation of sod and topsoil to the golf course, yet they have contributed nothing. It took Noel over two and a half years to complete the APA permit application and in the end he had to hire someone to finish it. Noel used to be an avid golfer at the Cobble Hill Golf course, yet in recent years he has done nothing to support it. How hypocritical of him to diminish the contribution of another.

Malcomb Martin, Elizabethtown

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