Atheistic, Muslim beliefs on TV

To the Times of Ti:

Re: Viewpoint Dan Alexander – “Thoughts From Behind the Press Lines”

After reading your article in the Times of Ti, I was encouraged to also add my opinion to what is happening not only in our government but on our airways.

A few weeks ago Matt Lauer aired an interview he had previously taped with a former Navy Seal’s wife. Matt’s question was “what would your husband want his children to remember him for?” She said “His Love for Jesus Christ!” But when it aired Matt Lauer edited it out!

Make no mistake the government rules our airways, and some newspapers. Glad they don’t ours! Channels 3, 4, 5 and Channels Oprah Owns, I do not watch. The airways are being flooded with atheistic and Muslim beliefs.

The reason Matt Lauer gave for editing our Jesus Christ was because he did not want to offend anyone. Well I’m offended!

I’m sure the Navy Seal that loved Jesus Christ would be offended. He gave his life for freedom. The only ones that would be offended by Jesus Christ would be an atheist or a Moslem.

I can’t wait for all the people who voted for this administration to one day see what it really stands for, and to see what lies ahead for our country. This country was founded on God and his laws.

Fasten your seat belts America – you are in for a horrible ride! Christians don’t have to worry. God’s plan will be carried out. Read your Bible, you will know how it all ends!

Rhea Belden, Ticonderoga

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