Fix campaign finance reform

To the Burgh:

Governor Andrew Cuomo has recently reaffirmed his commitment to fixing New York State’s broken campaign finance system. The League of Women Voters has long supported reform of the current system, which allows big-money donors and special interest groups to exert too much influence over candidates for office, and incumbents in office.

Our local League of Women Voters recently presented our State Legislative Chair, Barbara Bartoletti, in a presentation aimed at limning the League’s positions and continuing efforts to make real change within the system. Thus we are delighted to observe the growing interest of ever more citizens in this issue, and we welcomed last Friday’s showing of the film, The United States of ALEC, presented by People for Positive Action in cooperation with Common Cause, both committed to the same issues as the League! Further, we thank Denton Publications and Shaun Kittle for their consistent excellent coverage of the League’s many efforts to inform and educate the public regarding vital issues.

A campaign finance system that has reasonable limits on the amounts of contributions, regulates the flow of money to political parties, controls the use of campaign funds and, most of all, is overseen by an independent, non-partisan, well-funded investigative body with strong enforcement powers will, we believe, go a long way to renewing the faith of voters in the election system. Inplementation of a small-donor system of public financing of campaigns will result in diminishing the effect of big money and increasing voter participation.

Members of the League of Women Voters join the majority of New Yorkers who believe that campaign finance reform is a critical issue. We urge our fellow citizens to educate themselves on this issue, and to convey their support of campaign finance reform to our state legislators.

Sally Sears-Mack

President, League of Women Voters

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