Tony Jordan running for Washington County district attorney

Would resign as Johnsburg attorney if elected

— Some business owners continue to be frustrated in North Creek, as they try to create prosperity in their small Adirondack community, and Jordan understands those feelings.

“But when you compare where North Creek was and the town of Johnsburg was in the early 1980s to where it is today, it’s an amazing transformation,” Jordan said.

Comparing a state Assembly seat in Albany to a county DA’s position, some of Jordan’s colleagues have asked him why he decided to take a demotion. But Jordan — always a small-town boy at heart — doesn’t see this move as a step down. When explaining his decision, he spoke of his mother, who always emphasized the importance of community service. And a mother’s advice is how he ended up working at a private law practice — Jordan & Kelly LLC — in Greenwich. Jordan graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1986, worked in Glens Falls in banking and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law in 1995.

“We had our first child, and I was visiting with my mother about the decisions we were trying to make and wanting our kids to know their grandparents in a very real and personal way,” Jordan said. “And my mother said, ‘Well the choice is kind of easy. You need to decide whether you want to make enough money to do the things you like to do or live where you can do the things you like to do.’ And that was really great advice for us, and as a result we chose to live next door to Wendy’s parents in southern Washington County.”

Once Jordan moved, he started a law practice and soon fell in love with Washington County. And being the county DA is a logical career move for him.

“This really was the best way to have a very direct and real impact on the community where I live, where I work, where I raise my family, and really a community we’ve come to love,” Jordan said.

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