Thurman EMS— likely a tax burden

Thurman can not afford or support an E.M.S. organization.

An emergency services official recently came to our town hall and told gathered Thurman citizens all that if any EMS squad has less than 600 runs per year it would go bankrupt, and our squad has less than 100 calls annually.

Our EMS organization needs a projected $137,000 to operate over the next year. Thirteen percent of that projected budget was paid to two squad board members last year — volunteers!

The squad’s required Medical Director who is required to sign off on the squad’s certification had so many doubts about the Thurman EMS that he declined to sign. The state of New York has informed us that if we want a town-funded EMS squad, it will raise our tax bill about 24 percent this year.

Also, after 10 years of operation, there is still not one squad member who is ALS qualified, although this is becoming ever more important in appropriately taking care of patients being transported.

According to Thurman EMS accounting, $16,000 was spent on training last year and the organization is in default of $26,000 in back payroll taxes — this information is from the squad leadership.

I conclude that this organization is financially and organizationally poorly run — an agency that I would not choose to support with my extremely hard-earned tax dollars.

In conclusion, I can not support Thurman Emergency Services any longer. We would all like to have the “Cadillac plan,” but we cannot afford more than a “Cavalier plan.” We must live within our means or we all will become financially bankrupt.

Andrew Templeton, Athol

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