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March 2013 was a typical Winter, early Spring month with nearly normal snowfall and slightly below normal temperatures. It was a good month for skiing and for the Maple syrup industry. The cold nights were often followed by temperatures in the low 40’s which caused the sap to flow heavily on some days. This was unlike last year when the temperatures were nearly 9 degrees above normal with readings in the 70’s and low 80’s, bringing an early end to both skiing and maple syrup making.

The average high was 39.1 degrees and the average low was 19.9 degrees giving us an average of 29.5 degrees, 0.7 degrees below normal. The highest temperature, 52 degrees, was recorded on the 9th and the lowest, 0 degrees, was recorded on the 18th.This was our only 0 degree reading or lower compared to an average of 2. There were 1101.5 degree days bringing our seasonal total to 6650.

Melted precipitation for the month was 2.39 inches, 0.92 inches below normal. This brings our seasonal total to 5.80 inches, 2.89 inches below normal. Measurable precipitation fell on only 8 days with the greatest amount, 1.11 inches, falling on the 12th.

Snowfall was near normal with 15.4 inches measured, only 0.2 inches below normal. Our seasonal total is now 68.4 inches, only 5.8 inches below normal. The largest snowfall, 9.6 inches fell on the 19th.

The river reached its highest level, 5.19 inches, on the 14th and its lowest level, 3.12 inches, on the 7th and 8th.

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