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Scene, Paris.

A young American, studying abroad, finds himself in a hospital bed.

Scene, Plattsburgh.

The Prodigal Son returns home to heal and find his life’s work.

And here the story begins, the story of a local boy and his journey home. Some local friends have created a slightly cheeky marketing message for Plattsburgh….Plattsburgh, the place you come back to…and North Country native TIM WAGONER is living that dream. Tim has found, like many young people before him, that the North Country is a place to create your life’s work and to find genuine contentment.

Tim experiences life through performance and art; gifts he shares as an actor, writer, performer, musician, and missionary. TIM WAGONER is excited, dynamic, insightful, and dare we say “full of it…”, and you may wonder what he is full of…and we can easily answer, “the Spirit”. In addition to being an actor, writer, and director extraordinaire, Tim is also a missionary for the House of Prayer on Tom Miller Road. His mission is to “love God for REAL and to love others from living and receiving that love”. Talking to Tim is a highly spiritual and magical experience. He is so real and so genuine, that he can talk to anyone, and truly connect.

TIM WAGONER recently performed for the community in a one-man play entitled SUPPORT. Researched, written, and life-experienced, Tim wrote this script from interviewing people, and the people that they affect, who are in recovery from addiction.

The performance is informational, thought provoking and emotional and brings the audience to a place of compassion, feeling connected to the brokenness of human kind, and hopefully personal action and responsibility.

TIM WAGONER’S life story is jam packed with experiences that have brought him to this special place of giving back. He believes that everyone has an addiction, some more destructive than others. From the brink of death and back to a life that he certainly “acts” out in living color, Tim composes music, writes lyrics, writes scripts and acts in plays…with energy, humor and purpose. You must meet Tim to truly understand what we are talking about and experience his animated spirit!

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Look for Tim’s work, SUPPORT at ROTA Gallery, May 11 at 7 pm, Doors open at 6:30 pm and check out his heart felt mission work at the House of Prayer, http://plattsburghhop.com

Look for him in the upcoming SUNY Plattsburgh play, “A Winter’s Tale.” Friend Tim on FACEBOOK!

Believe that you can be an agent of change and inspiration by your actions around the community.

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