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It’s unfortunate that public opinion and media exposure is required to get to the truth behind these incidents. It is perhaps situations like this and the many that have played out before this event that cause the general public to be so skeptical and distrustful of these large organizations. We’ve learned over time that paramount is the institution’s image, as well as the survival and rehabilitation of the personnel involved, shielding the truth and ultimately causing even greater damage to the institution and further public mistrust. We can only assume these cover ups must work in most cases; otherwise, why would these lofty institutions continue down this destructive path which, once in the public arena, is generally far worse than dealing with the initial issue?

The real problem is getting these institutions to live up to the high moral standards by which they supposedly operate. Like the child who is caught with his hand in the cookie jar, it would be nice to know they are honorable enough to own up to the offensive action first rather then after the denial process.

College sports are big money and have become powerful institutions unto themselves … and in some cases almost as powerful as the university. Whenever you have big money and power involved, we frequently see these efforts to say one thing and do something very opposite.

We know power and money are corruptive forces and perhaps there is no way around this deceptive behavior, but continued events like these only tend to reinforce this type of “succeed at all cost” behavior and certainly sends the wrong message to a society that deserves truth and transparency above all else.

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