What is something that makes you laugh?

Minerva Central School

Miss Gereau, Grade 5

“A funny TV show like MAD, when I get tickled and when somebody burps.” (Jasmine Jenks)

“When my dad and I play tricks on my mom because we do weird stuff and it makes me laugh so much.” (Lucas Vogel)

“Leprechauns. They make me laugh because they are small and they protect all their gold and let no one else have some and their hats and shoes are funny too on such a small Leprechaun.” (Vince Chabonneau)

“When my dad tickles me and rough houses with me because it is fun and I am very ticklish so it makes me laugh. Another thing that makes me laugh is when my brother is trying to do something that he doesn’t know how to do and then laughs like crazy.” (Audrey Fish)

Minerva Central School

Mrs. Williford, Kindergarten

“My dog makes me laugh. She licks my face!” (Thomas Ball)

“I laugh when my rat licks me.” (Hayden Taylor)

“When Uncle Steve falls down skiing and tumbles like a pumpkin, it is really funny.” (Alex Mather)

“It made me laugh when my dog Scruffy hung his head out the window and sniffed.” (Caitlin Wamsley)

“When my dog Charlie licks my dad’s ear it is funny.” (James Fish)

“The thing that makes me laugh is playing with my cousins.” (Katelin McNally)

Minerva Central School

Ms. Cleveland, Pre- Kindergarten

“When my mommy tickles me!” (Camran Morehouse)

“A funny joke!” (Halle LeBrecque)

“When my sister tickles me!” (Kaitlyn Jenks)

“When my sister tells me a funny joke!” (Erin Savarie)

“Larry the Lion at calendar time.” (Sage Bayse)

“My dog!” (Claire Fish)

“Tickling!” (Raeanna Pratt)

“A duck!” (Macaylin Taylor)

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Urbonowicz, Pre-Kindergarten

“My mommy and daddy always say funny things to make me laugh.” (Alissa Bennett)

“Eating grass.” (Amari Trent)

“Elephants.” (Brendan Kimbrell)

“Tape.” (Carly Davis)

“When I put an elephant on my nose.” (Ember Monroe)

“Grandpa.” (Hannah Sharp)

“How does the chicken cross the road?” (Keegan Mottram)

“When someone does a funny thing.” (Lexi Sharp)

“People.” (Maeghan McKinney)

“When Eloise laughs.” (Marley Lewis)

“Clapping hands on a bumblebee.” (Noah Bennett)

“Talking trees.” (Stephen Millington)

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