Turning Back the Pages

On April 17, 1884 he married Miss Carrie Beebe of Glens Falls. They had one daughter, Bertha Lavery who, in 1915 was known to drive around Warrensburgh in her new Saxon Runabout automobile.

On March 1, 1899 at the age of 37, Charles Lavery moved to Warrensburgh and bought a grocery store from Halsey Herrick at the foot of Elm Street Hill, opposite the Osborne bridge. In the old days that hill was called Paddy Hill, then Osborne Hill, and later called Lavery Hill. The store stood on the lot, now vacant, across from James Sturdevan’s Bakery — in recent decades known as Riverside Gallery.

He successfully ran the store for many years, but after his wife died he sold the store to L.A. Mosher and moved to Granville to live with his daughter and granddaughter. A few years later, he moved back to Warrensburgh and married Jessie Smith, a member of John G. Smith’s family. They lived in the house that Smith built at 63 Hudson St.

Lavery went home to God

Charles Lavery was a long-time member and trustee of the Warrensburgh Methodist Church and as he had a fine singing voice, he sang in the choir. On Sunday morning, Aug. 23, 1942, he was said to have been in “good spirits” as he went to the choir loft to sing for the upcoming service. He and Mrs. Murray G. Crannell planned to sing the hymn, “In the Bright Land,” a difficult duet. The lady later said that she had never heard him sing as well as he did that morning. Halfway through he began to perspire and than his body started shaking. When he finished the high last notes of the hymn “Glory Be to the Father,” Mrs. Crannell put her arm around him, fanned him with her choir book and lowered him into a chair. It is believed that he was dead before he sat down. Heaven surely must have heard him coming, singing the Lord’s praises. A shaken Rev. Frank R. Cubit pronounced the Benediction, halted the service and dismissed the congregation.

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