Rough road video a winner

“Only 1.5 miles of Route 28N meet the criteria for a major rehab project.”

That prompted a response from Paul Hai in the video: “Which 1.5 miles do you suppose it is?”

After all, the DOT has signs on Route 28N stating “Rough Road” for 13 miles. So is it 1.5 miles or 13 miles?

The letter-writing campaign wasn’t enough to move the DOT into fixing Route 28N, which hasn’t been reconstructed since 1979 (gas prices at 90 cents/gallon).

But one quirky, clever and direct video — with 6:42 minutes of interviews, information and slapstick — won the day, thanks to attention from traditional and social media.

We think Newcomb framed the argument correctly. Hai interviewed motorists in Long Lake, highway officials, and the town supervisors in Newcomb and Long Lake. Aside from the obvious safety issues and damage to vehicles, Hai reminded viewers that the state of New York is spending millions of dollars buying 69,000 acres of former Finch, Pruyn land to add it to the Forest Preserve. And some of that land — in the MacIntyre, Boreas Ponds, and Essex Chain of Lakes tracts — is located in the town of Newcomb. In addition, 6,800 acres in the Tahawus Tract recently purchased from the Open Space Institute is located in the town, as is the southern trailhead for the High Peaks Wilderness Area at the Upper Works.

In the video, Long Lake Supervisor Clark Seaman said people may not return to Newcomb once seeing the newly acquired lands. Canon said people may just stay away completely.

“There’s other places to go,” Canon said. “And if you’ve got a choice, you’re not going to bang your car all to pieces, so I’m hoping that the governor understands that this is a big deal for us.”

We do, too.

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