Keeseville residents file petition to vote on dissolution

KEESEVILLE — On Sept. 25, residents filed a petition to put the proposed dissolution of the village of Keeseville up to a vote.

New York State law requires that 10 percent of the village’s registered voters, or about 109 signatures, must be obtained for the petition to be accepted.

Keeseville resident Nancy Booth was the contact person for the petition, which contained 122 signatures.

"I signed a petition 30 years ago, wanting to get this to a vote," Booth said. "The people need to speak. Not the board, not the mayor. The public needs to have a voice in this."

Booth added that she thinks the topic of dissolution has been prolonged long enough, and that the village needs to make a decision.

"I want people to get out and vote and voice their opinions," Booth said.

Keeseville Mayor Dale Holderman said he welcomes the chance for residents to vote on dissolution.

“The Board of Trustees was very pleased that a petition came in because the weight is off their shoulders,” Holderman said. “They don’t have to make a decision that makes them look like they’re doing it for another reason. They know the laws for dissolution as well as I do, and they want to give village residents all the opportunities to make the right decision.”

Holderman has said both publically and in a recent letter to village residents that he does not think dissolution should occur.

In a dissolution presentation hosted by Wade Beltramo, a general counsel from the New York Conference of Mayors, on Aug. 28, Holderman stated: “I’m going to continue to try to make the study and the plan the best that I can for the taxpayer, because ultimately, it’s up to them. The thing I don’t like about the dissolution process is that even with all the intermunicipal agreements and the pre-planning you can have, nobody is held to it by law.”

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