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Doing business locally is so important in directly supporting members of our community. It directly impacts our local economy and assists in all of our efforts to grow, expand and create a bright future for the Ticonderoga area. It is important if you can get the product or service locally to choose to do so, as often as you can.

There are many reasons why it is important to do business locally within the Ticonderoga area. By shopping and doing business local, money is kept within the community and the local economy. Local businesses are typically involved with the community in which they reside. Doing business with other area businesses which are committed to helping the local economy grow and prosper will help nurture other businesses as well.

In addition Ticonderoga area businesses invest in their community, many of them live within the community and will reinvest in the well-being of the community. Local non-profits, including the chamber and so many other organizations, receive great support from local businesses. These organizations are dedicated to the community and the future of the area.

While not everyone agrees that some competition is good for business, competition and diversity leads to more consumer choices in the marketplace and this is the best way to ensure innovation and lower prices over the long term. Supporting your local economy will grow the marketplace; allow current businesses to prosper and new businesses to open.

Community members supporting area businesses is an important part of ensuring a healthy local economy, but just as imperative is businesses supporting one another. In today’s economy we all have to be working together, supporting and being there for one another when needed. Partnering is truly the key to success and growth for business, the community and the Ticonderoga area.

Shop local. Eat local. Spend local. Enjoy local. Support the local businesses and organizations that support the community in so many ways.

Matthew Courtright is executive director of the Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce.

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