Tapping out in 2012

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If we are going to have a discussion about the differences that are part of the campaign, please, God (I mean that literally, as a prayer), can we do that, just that, and not let the conversation devolve into a middle school playground “Yo mamma” battle? We should all be able to discuss the issues like the 18-and-over people all registered voters are.

While I think Stewart is part of the problem, his “The Daily Show” also shows the problem well. On a show last week, they had interviews with people from both national conventions, Republican and Democrat. People from both sides of the aisle said that this year is too negative, but then followed that up by viciously blaming and attacking the other side. It was driven home by a Democrat yelling at the Republicans to stop the finger pointing who the whole time was pointing his finger at the camera in a nasty manner.

Another thing that has me so disenfranchised by the whole process is the fact that my presidential vote really does not count.

“But every vote counts!” In a local election, like the one that is now taking place in Elizabethtown, absolutely every vote does count, and I think anything less than 100 percent voter turnout for a local election is shameful. In a presidential election, though, it really doesn’t. If I were to vote for Mitt Romney, my vote would be voided by the Electoral College because we all know that New York will go to the president. If I were to vote for Obama, it’s just one more added to a sure thing that is decided in New York City, not in Westport.

The two candidates and their supporters have slung almost all of the mud they have at each other, all used as distractions from the real issues that matter. Honestly, it’s probably only a matter of time until the religion aspect gets thrown into the mix. I hope that I am wrong because, to be honest, it gets really tiring. It got tired when it happened to Obama in 2008, it started to get tiring when it happened to Romney during the GOP primaries, and it will be tiring if it happens over the next six weeks.

And just like all of the other attacks that have happened through the campaign, it will be based in half-truths and misinformed sources. It will all be stuff that I have heard before, most of which I just laugh at. It’s another column for another day.

So enjoy the rest of the presidential political season, if you are so inclined. I'll see you when the polls close.

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