Tapping out in 2012

The Tank

I have reached a conclusion in the race for the White House. I'm done with all of it.

In 2008, it was getting bad as then senators John McCain and Barack Obama exchanged barbs and banter over age and being a secret Muslim. This time around, it is just too much, and I am tapping out.

Tapping out is what a MMA fighter does when they are put into a submission hold. They either have to tap out or face serious injury (broken bones, passing out from a choke, etc.).

Well that’s what I am doing, tapping out of the presidential campaigns before I face serious mental injury.

The first sign that I knew that there was going to be trouble was with all of the mud-slinging Super PACs that now dominate the airwaves. My favorite is from Priorities USA, where a husband blames Mitt Romney and Bain Capital for his wife dying of cancer six months after he lost his job and healthcare. What it leaves out is the fact that the wife had her own insurance and died five years after he lost his job, not six months.

Trust me, there are ones from all of the Super PACs, that one is just the most memorable.

The next is all of the name calling that has been going on, even within the pages of our own newspapers. Fox News takes every chance they can to demean the president. Jon Stewart takes every chance he can to demean Romney. Over the past two weeks, I have seen and heard people and groups called names that personally make me sick.

Seriously, why do we have to resort to name-calling when we don't agree with others? Guess what, I don’t agree with a lot of the stances my co-workers, friends or even family members have. That's not going to lead me to call them names or say that they are from, putting it delicately, a mountain made of male bovine manure.

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