Our life coaches, Style and Substance: On family meetings

Your family will begin to understand that this is all about their best interests, and it becomes a matter of routine that they feel is beneficial.

Some general rules of thumb:

• Let all family members know ahead of time and adjust the day and time to work with all schedules. If it is a demand, then it has already turned into a battle!

• Have an agenda and stick to it.

• Remind everyone gently of the communication rules you have all agreed on.

• When you can, make the meeting fun and painless…use humor that is not sarcastic, but that the whole family can all relate to.

• Follow up! Let your children know that you take it seriously and are respectful of their time and intentions.

• Two people can make a family, and a formal sit down discussion lets the other(s) know that you believe the issue is serious enough to set time aside to address it.

Family Meetings do not always need to be called to address a problem or specific situation – the regularity itself can be most successful in creating unity and consistency in your home.


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