Did not mean to offend anyone in the Republican Party

From the Editor's Desk

Yes, I was disgusted by the comments, but by attacking the situation with guns blazing and sending my bullets, which could possibly cause psychological pain, the way of the culprits, I decided in that instant that two wrongs made a right.

Did two wrongs make a right?

I don’t know, which means I didn’t pause to consider whether those actions warranted my response. Sometimes we do find ourselves in situations, during which we make split-second decisions that, when analyzed on their own, could be labeled a wrong, but this was not one of those moments. I had ample time to consider what I was writing, the literary technique I chose to employ and whether I was stepping all over my own ideals, and if so, was I warranted in doing so.

I failed to do that.

Now, back to the second point, I do want to again make clear that I sincerely apologize if any innocent individuals who happen to fall under the Republican banner felt I despised them or considered them aliens without a brain, suddenly lumped into the bucket with the individuals I was choosing to shine a light on. I would never want to do that, and in fact would hope that if I encounter such individuals in public they mention how I made them feel so I can offer a more personal apology.

My children inspire me to hope, fight and dream of a better, more compassionate world.

I need to make sure I model for them the behavior I believe would help make that world possible, and that is not by hurting others with my actions.

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