Did not mean to offend anyone in the Republican Party

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My children taught me selflessness, enhancing my empathy and compassion, especially given both suffer from medical conditions requiring, at times, extensive care.

My own bouts with mental illness and my time as a soldier and journalist introduced me to aspects of life, of humanity, I’d never encountered and which, I hope, over time, have molded me into a better person.

They have shaped my own ideals, beliefs and values, some of which have been a struggle to maintain after choosing them, given the social, psychological and environmental conditions endured in our lives.

One thing I have learned, that except in rare circumstances, two, what society would refer to as wrongs, do not make a right. I’ve written extensively about this and likely bore, frustrate and amuse readers, family and friends when I whip my soap box out of my back pocket. That is where I keep it, for quick access, kind of like a gunslinger, except my six shooter holds the words I share, or assault people with, given my latest round of verbal reckoning.

Recently, I referred to certain individuals who made statements I found repulsive and without merit as reptilians lacking a human brain.

These individuals also happen to be Republicans.

In terms of the latter, I want to apologize, as I do not consider every member of that political party to be an alien without a brain, nor do I believe that all Republicans are insensitive to the plight and struggles of others. I have met numerous Republicans whom are selfless and generous and also fall into the categories of people I was attempting to defend with my writing.

To paint my picture in a way that caused them to fall under the brush I was attempting to capture a very few with was a mistake.

To the first point:

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