Writer should man-up

To the Times of Ti:

As a person who believes in a free press I often express myself in letters to the editor of various newspapers such as the Times of Ti!

I wrote recently about the untruthfulness of an letter that appeared in the Times of Ti giving tribute to Halliburton a Company that received a “no bid” contract to provide services to our men and women in uniform during the Iraq war! My letter explained how Halliburton overcharged for these services to the tune of $27 million as well as well as $6.3 million in fuel cost! This was done during the tenure of Dick Cheney a former employee and major stockholder while he was serving as vice president.

I knew my remarks would hit home with those who supported Halliburton and I expected a response! My letter also stated that the joint chiefs of staff have lauded President Obama as commander-in-chief as have the majority of veterans!

To my surprise I didn’t see a rebuttal in the Times of Ti but I did receive an anonymous letter in the mail with no return address showing my article and an article from the Marine Corps Times saying veterans favor Mitt Romney over our President Barrack Obama! As a subscriber to the Marine Corps Times I was aware of the poll taken for the article! It was one of many polls taken with some agreeing and some disagreeing! I stand by my remarks in my letter as written!

However I am having a hard time with the article sent to me changing the heading of my letter “Little Truth in recent Letter” by inserting the word “Your” in between “in and recent”! If a Brother Marine sent it I would have expected he/she to put their name on what was sent to me! Since no name appeared on the envelope or material inside I have to believe the sender was not a Marine! I will continue to express my opinion by sending my thoughts to the Times of Ti, as this is my right! I would ask whoever sent the anonymous article to me to man-up and do the same instead of taking the coward’s way out!

Gary P. Guido


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