Scozzafava wants to better track social services ‘rent money’

— O’Neill said that in the last two months, there were 169 applications for assistance in Essex County, with 47 being approved.

O’Neill also said that any money needed for rent is sent directly to landlords.

“If they have a place that they have to pay the rent, we send the money directly to the landlord, so there is almost no discretionary money,” he said.

O’Neill also answered a question posed by Elizabethtown Supervisor Margaret Bartley.

“I was under the impression that if you get food stamps, you have to buy food with it,” Bartley explained. “I was told that they get a card now and they can use it for cigarettes or candy or other items.”

“You can't buy anything,” O’Neill said. “I was in Stewart's the other day and they asked me if we could do more to educate the people more on what the food stamps do because they were coming in thinking that they could buy anything.”

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