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Funerals and wakes bring us to a level of discomfort thatDear Style & Substance:

We have decided that listening is as important as sharing. Our readers inspire us with their advice and questions. Today we would like to share advice given by our readers, friends, and family – advice they gave or received at an event that at some point in our lives we have attended or will attend – a funeral.

Funerals are often a time when friends and family gather together to celebrate a life or to grieve the loss of the life, often both at the same time. While funerals can be a time of great sadness, they also offer a time when many people open their hearts to reflection and sharing. Vulnerability is not a quality we often invite into our day to day lives; however, it is a quality that makes us human and can enlighten us to the support and caring that is around us.

These “BEST advice we ever received at a funeral” quotes encompass reflections on how we decide to change our lives because we are looking at death in a very up-close and personal way:

Happiness comes from within, with outside help.

Pay off small debts first and work your way to paying off the larger debts – you will be stress free, at least financially, and this discipline will give you more freedom in all parts of your life.

Sometimes we strive to be different and we wind up being like everybody else. Be comfortable with who you are.

Live everyday like it was your last.

Treat your first marriage like it was your second marriage – don’t make the mistake of taking your happiness for granted.

Say what you should to those you love regularly, don’t wait until they are sick or there is a tragedy and you live with the regret of them never hearing those words.

Funerals and wakes bring us to a level of discomfort that we wish to avoid; face the other things in your life that you wish to avoid!

Both laughter and tears help us to heal.

Don’t worry about how eloquent you are, just show up when you are needed in someone’s life. Take the risk to show that you care.

Live your life without regrets; don’t burn bridges, be nice and apologize when you are wrong or hurtful.


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