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We also talked about why he was so angry and it became clear to him that he had plenty of reason to be angry but that remaining in a state of mind where anger was the driving force would predict his failure and misfortune.

He was able to discern that when you are angry and acting out you repel people and that when you are rational and reasonable with people most people will want to support you and be in your company.

To his good luck or fortune an older couple also offered their support and his relationship with them became extremely important. He learned a great deal from both of these wise and gentle people and because of them, more than any other factor, this once angry, defiant, out of control little boy grew into a well-reasoned confident young adult. He became a serious student and worked hard to do well in school. He pursued new interests and excelled in a sport.

He graduated from high school with honors and went to a rather prestigious private college. While at college he met a lovely young woman who became his wife. Now, he lives in a beautiful home and both he and his wife are professional people that command rich salaries.

His life could have turned out very differently as sadly, so many young people’s lives do that have no one to support them our care about them. Now as a man in his thirties, he has shared with me how important the relationship that he had with my wife and I was and how thankful he was that we and the elderly couple where he lived had taken the time to share our lives with him. Of course our lives were enriched by him greatly and his success is a great reward that we share in through his generosity to this day.

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