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So were the sentiments expressed by Scarlett O’Hara in the movie, “Gone with the Wind.” She was speaking to the hopeful energy that compels us all to not give up on ourselves or those around us.

A wise man once proffered, “Life has so many different chapters, and one bad chapter does mean the end of the book.” Again, knowing that while the present moment or circumstance may seem insurmountable, with persistence, patience and effort, most difficulties can be surmounted is a source of inspiration and energy.

As adults, life teaches us through experience that often there are steps that can be taken or people around us who will help us to regain our sense of equilibrium. For many young people, this important experiential knowledge is ahead of them and as of yet unlearned by many. It can leave some young people very vulnerable when crisis or protracted personal challenges arise.

Sadly, without the opportunity to experience and triumph over adversity, some youth will conclude that their current circumstances will not improve and they will give up on themselves. As adults, you can be the bridge for young people between giving up when hard circumstances arise and seeing hope and carrying on for another day. You can share your own story or the story of someone you know, someone that you helped or how someone helped you to survive a tough situation.

I met a young man when he was nine years old and he became friends with my wife and I. When first I met him, he would not look you in the eye and he spoke but a few words during our visits. I learned that he had been hospitalized several times as a toddler from abuse dealt to him by a parent. He could not remember any of it; he did know that he trusted no one and that he was angry. Over time, I made it a condition of our coming together that he must talk for about fifteen minutes. He could talk about anything and these conversations became more and more revealing as we went forward. We talked about why he was making bad decisions for himself and although he was failing many of his schoolwork courses at the time, it was clear that he had an inexperienced but bright mind.

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