Wonderful neighbors

To the Times of Ti:

In the little town of Crown Point, our widowed mother died on a cold, snowy day in December 2000. Since all five siblings lived far away, two in other states, we decided to wait until after Christmas to have the memorial service. We also had to clean out the farmhouse where she had lived for 60-plus years.

One of our dearest neighbors, Bill Hunsdon, anonymously became caretaker of the month-long empty farmhouse. He found that the water pipes coming from a mountain spring had frozen due to frigid weather and lack of usage. He contacted another neighbor, friend and classmate, Hugh Gunnison, and the two of them decided to take action. They obtained all available 55-gallon plastic containers and placed them in the farmhouse basement. Hugh brought a water-filled tanker truck from his apple orchard and somehow filled all basement containers which they connected to the pump and voila, running water.

After the service, 55-60 friends and family gathered at the farmhouse. Bill had snow-plowed the large driveway for the many cars to use. Food, lots of food, was given by other dear neighbors. All the dishes, pots and pans had to be washed, plus, of course, people needed to use the facilities. No one ever knew that there was a water problem because of these two wonderful friends. No small favor!

The immediate families stayed for several days cleaning to make ready to put the farm on the market to sell. Every day, the tanker truck would arrive, park behind the house in the deep snow, and the men would refill all the water containers. Both men refused any money. They “did this for Elsie.”

The word neighbor is a verb as well as a noun.

Our family will forever remember our wonderful neighbors and their generosity. It would have been a complete disaster without all they did. Words cannot express our sincere thoughts. Thanks, Guys!

The Wright siblings

Paula, Rita, Willa, Earl and Carl

Crown Point natives

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