Say ‘No’ to eight-story hotel

To the Adirondack Journal:

In regards to the new hotel which is before the Village of Lake George Zoning Board of Appeals, it’s my opinion that an eight-story hotel in the middle of town would destroy the character of the Village. You would have to change the name of the Village of Lake George to the “City of Lake George.”

I’m sure there must be a law that states a “Village” cannot be called a “Village” when there is a towering building, more than two times the height that is allowed by code, to be built in the center of town.

A building of that size would ruin the skyline of the village. You would not be able to see the majestic mountains that surround the area. Stand at the top of Canada Street near the Fort William Henry and picture an eight-story building. That would be all you see of the village. No more mountain views.

I also have concerns regarding the extra traffic that would develop in the area — particularly, how it would affect the traffic for the high school. I’m also not comfortable having a year-round hotel adjacent to the high school. To me, having that hotel that close to the school is a safety concern.

Another issue is the Caldwell Sewer District. My sewer is hooked up to that system. The mayor stated that if the hotel was to be built, the town might not be able to use that system anymore. Town residents saw how much our taxes increased last year due to the Caldwell Sewer District tax. Now, we might be forced to build our own sewer treatment plant? To benefit one person or company at the expense of many does not seem fair.

We as residents expect our building codes to be upheld. This is not a small variance —this is changing the character of the Village and basically rewriting the whole building code and master plan.

Please remember that this is a community of people, not just a business district. We want business to do well, but not at the expense of the community. Too much emphasis is put on tourists in this town. That needs to be changed, but that’s a whole other debate.

There is nothing wrong with the Village Zoning Board just saying “No” to this variance. They have a code that supports that ruling. That’s all the public is asking for.

Otherwise, “Welcome to the City of Lake George.”

Todd Fellegy

Lake George

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