Harrietstown candidates using Facebook for campaigns

Harrietstown Supervisor candidates Tom Catillaz (D) and Bob Bevilacqua (R).

Harrietstown Supervisor candidates Tom Catillaz (D) and Bob Bevilacqua (R). Photo by Andy Flynn.

Catillaz campaign: The most important goal of using Facebook in Tom Catillaz’s political campaign is to convey his message on key issues effecting Town of Harrietstown voters. Facebook, directly and indirectly, has afforded Tom the opportunity to outline his plan for; the town business park, reducing taxes by adhering to the 2 percent tax cap, supporting the Chamber of Commerce, encouraging business development, and introducing a fiscally responsible solution for the airport. Facebook allows Tom the ability to keep these important issues, which are clearly important to the voters, at the forefront of debate.

What can Facebook do that other marketing avenues cannot? Advantages?

Bevilacqua campaign: FB is more tangible than Twitter, and easier for the layman to navigate. It also provides its own analytics. It cannot be stressed enough the significance of tracking in any marketing strategy. FB is familiar which translates to trust. FB in marketing creates what is called “The Amplify Effect,” meaning it keeps the issues and campaign hot in between debates and publications. It is continually accessible, anywhere, anytime.

Catillaz campaign: Facebook has allowed Tom to engage directly with voters who share his passion for responsible local government. Also, it’s hard to ignore the cost benefits of social media when compared with traditional news outlets. However, one downside to using social media, is that it’s much more time consuming when compared with traditional media.

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