Thank you, Mr. Eastwood

To the Times of Ti:

Why would the U.S. president attempt to diminish and insult those responsible for our economy? “You didn’t build that.” he argued. “Someone else made that happen.”

Three and a half years have dragged on and we are still floundering economically. The debt clock has hit $16 trillion, unemployment has stayed above 8 percent for 43 consecutive months, and 23 million people are unemployed. Someone please knock the golf clubs out of his hands. Is Barack Obama someone we want to entrust our economy with for another four years? No! He hasn’t earned it.

Our founding fathers were correct in their belief that individuals had control of their own destiny. If they could dream it, they could make it happen. Only in America! The entrepreneurial spirit helped thrust this nation into the forefront of mankind's history. No longer did a populace have to depend on the state for its living or sustenance.

However, this president is more worried about social justice; which means he wants to penalize the “makers” to give more to the “takers.” That is absolutely the wrong concept. Realistically, it’s unsustainable and dangerous. But in the last four decades the advocates for socialism and liberalism have broke through like a bunch of zits that have finally popped! Surely it will be a messy outcome.

“Hope & Change” didn’t work. I’m confident we have learned our lesson and we will vote for mature leadership this time around. The best advice I heard during the conventions came from a great American who explained in simple terms, “When somebody does not do the job, we’ve gotta let him go.”

Thank you Mr. Eastwood.

John P. Sharkey


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