Tall hotel would hurt lake, village character

To the Adirondack Journal:

There have been many articles regarding building an eight-story hotel in the Village of Lake George. I am adamantly opposed to such a project — and I will highlight the most critical reasons.

The sewer system in Lake George is not sufficient to deal with a building of this size. It is now near capacity and the water treatment plant fails to treat nitrates properly.

Secondly, the village has a master plan which does not include eight-story hotels. If this proposal is allowed to go through, it will definitely affect that quaint village atmosphere. Although some of the signs and shops need to be improved, an eight-story hotel is an atrocity in a small village atmosphere.

Lastly, the code for allowable height under the regulations set by the Adirondack Park Agency and the village government is 40 feet. The hotel’s developer, Mr. Kenny, is requesting to have an 86-foot tall building, more than twice the height specified in the village code.

What about the environmental impact on the lake? In a recent article in The Chronicle, a comparison was made with the Fort William Henry Hotel. Although the Fort was given a 28 -foot variance, almost 19 feet of that variance is strictly the roof. However, the design of the hotel was to replicate the old hotel that was built in 1909. Additionally, the Fort is built on 18 acres with more than 50 percent of the property being green space. The Kenny proposal is too much hotel for the property.

It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the lake and our environment, including the town and village governments. The zoning board needs to follow the master plan and stay within the code of 40 feet. My hope is the zoning board will make the right decision for the community and the lake.

Karen Horn Azer

Lake George

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