If ignorance is bliss then there sure are a lot of happy people

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Look, if you want to wear a suit and tie while shopping for underwear at Walmart, fine, but don’t judge someone you pass who is wearing torn jeans and a shirt with a beer can on it, showing obvious affection to his or her children while you play on your smart phone and ignore yours.

Finally, I welcome excited outbursts. I was at the fair and witnessed one man yell, "That sh*t was cool," and another say to his wife, "Yes, well dear, wasn't that an appropriate color for that clown's outfit?" I wondered if the latter was enjoying himself. Passionate outbursts reveal passion and that the vessel displaying them has emotions. Plus, I like knowing who I am dealing with and appreciate someone who vibrantly shows anger, happiness and sadness.

I worry about smiles that mask emotions and intentions, subsequently masking the truth. What if behind that smile your demise is being planned?

I lived in a Kansas trailer court and had great respect for my neighbor who had no qualms telling me he wanted to kick my butt.

No guessing involved there.

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