If ignorance is bliss then there sure are a lot of happy people

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Is it easier and more fulfilling around the time of the Mayor’s Cup, Battle of Plattsburgh and Fourth of July, a number of people vomit a chunky pile of ignorance and cruelty all around me. I try to avoid it, but it’s seemingly everywhere, and before I know it, I am swimming up to my neck, and even as I sit up in bed writing this, I can smell the stench in my hair, taste it on my tongue and feel it layered over my flesh.

To this day I haven’t figured out how to avoid the disease seeping from the mouths of these individuals.

And I know they aren’t going to stop, because they are compelled, by every dysfunctional fiber of their being, to detest what they have labeled the North Country’s “finest.”

I remember the first few times I heard this phrase and the venom and intense hatred that carried it. I wondered if they were discussing a roaming band of pedophiles, maybe a ruthless gang of sociopaths who giggled as they cracked the skulls of defenseless old ladies enjoying fresh air as they leaned on their walkers outside the nursing home, perhaps a roaming band of meter maids whose earnings were solely generated by ticket output.

A shiver ran up and down my spine and I damned myself for selling my black 12 gage with the pistol grip. How would I protect myself? My family?

But then I discovered who they despised, and I had to excuse myself to go vomit.

They were talking about — and I apologize for the generalizations and possibly offensive language — the poor, uneducated rednecks and white trash.

Not the harmful, dangerous and malicious bunch of these groups, but simply ordinary poor, uneducated red necks and white trash.

You see, the people they despised cussed, were prone to excited outbursts at times that made those casting judgment uncomfortable, and they dressed inappropriately.

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