Elizabethtown supervisor, former councilman at odds

Ken Fenimore resigns over "direction of town."

Elizabethtown Supervisor Margaret Bartley.

Elizabethtown Supervisor Margaret Bartley. Photo by Katherine Clark.

— Bartley said that she felt that she needed to say something after Fenimore’s letters were printed but did not want to get into what she felt was a “war of words.” She added that she felt it was unfortunate that Fenimore decided to resign.

“Ken has a lot of knowledge and skills that he could use to help the town,” Bartley said. “I am sorry that he feels that he cannot do that.”

Fenimore felt that his resignation was the best chance that he had to effect change.

“I have been trying in recent months to get the issues that I feel need to be addressed before the town board, and I have failed in that,” Fenimore said. “My feeling was that the way things are going now was going to continue, and the only way I was going to be able to make the public aware was to make some noise. The most effective way I could think of was to resign and make noise in that way.”

Fenimore said that he had no interest in eventually challenging Bartley for the position of supervisor but would not rule out a return to politics.

“I have no interest in supervisor, and I think my wife would not be happy with that, either,” Fenimore joked. “I would consider running for town council again at some future point depending on the nature of the board. I have had 35 years of service to the community, but this kind of stuff wears on you.”

Bartley said that town officials had not decided what to do with the vacant town board seat and were looking at alternatives.

“We have been talking to the Board of Elections about it,” Bartley said. “I would think that we would want to look at the people who ran in the last election to see if they still had an interest. We will start with them and then go from there.”

Evelyn Hatch, who currently serves on the town planning board and wrote a letter to the editor disputing some of Fenimore’s claims, along with Ben Morris, were candidates for town board last November that were not elected to the two then-vacant positions.

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