Elizabethtown supervisor, former councilman at odds

Ken Fenimore resigns over "direction of town."

Elizabethtown Supervisor Margaret Bartley.

Elizabethtown Supervisor Margaret Bartley. Photo by Katherine Clark.

— “This was the fourth phase of the water project,” Bartley said. “When I took office, I got a letter from EFC asking if we had finished the project up. I found out that we had $521,000 in grant money remaining for the meters and we were about to lose it. The metering part of this had never been contracted and it was a separate issue, so I felt that we should look at some other contractors.”

Neither Bartley nor Fenimore were at the August meeting when the board approved the AES bid, as Bartley was recovering from surgery and Fenimore had handed in his resignation earlier that day.

Both referred to a meeting that happened in April with Michael Mascarenas at the county and Dodson but took away differing conclusions.

“During the meeting, Michael asked Dodson if he had a contract for this work, and he said no,” Bartley said. “After that, I talked with several supervisors and Michael again to get an idea where we should go.”

“The conclusion from that meeting was that this was a continuation of the water project and Jack Dodson had been the contractor for that project,” Fenimore said. “I think that the town has hurt a key relationship over this.”

Bartley also questioned the intentions of Fenimore using an email between he and Dodson which had been sent shortly after the decision had been made.

“Ken was having conversations with Dodson after the vote had happened,” she said. “If you are representing the town on one hand and then acting as an agent on the other, I would think that you should recuse yourself from the matter. I also hear that there have been some who are using their connection to try and change the vote, but it has already happened.”

‘War of words’

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