Socializing, smiles gone from local mealsite

The mealsite program is supposed to provide one-third of a person’s recommended daily nutritional needs, but they don’t. Meal portions are now about half of what they were at the church.

The mealsite is supposed to have a “friendly, pleasant atmosphere, conducive to social interaction,” but it is not. There is no t sufficient time to have such socializing.

We are served, we eat, they pick up the tables, then we are out of there. There is no time for the staff to talk with the seniors or discuss problems they might have, or just get to know each other.

Our mealsite staff members, who have worked for the program for over 20 years, have no control over what’s ordered or what’s served. Our site cook didn’t cook any more — she was demoted to kitchen helper, so she quit and found a job elsewhere. The seniors miss her cooking.

It’s a very degrading and a very unpleasant situation — one staff member was terminated. She a hard worker, dependable, great with the seniors — and a single mother with two children to support, but she was cut — What a Thank You!

I’m sure the Countryside staff feels the same. Everyone there is unhappy. No one smiles and everyone acts like they’re walking on eggshells. It’s not a pleasant situation for any of us. I think I can speak for many of our senior citizens who will not speak out for fear of retaliation.

I applaud the town supervisors in Bolton Landing, Chestertown, Johnsburg and Lake Luzerne for fighting so hard to keep their mealsites in town.

Supervisors, please don’t let your mealsite staffs down. They are doing a great service to their community, and saving a little bit of money at the expense of our senior citizens is not worth it. Each site gives that little special attention to our seniors, and they are not treated like a number, which is what’s happening now in Warrensburg. Our staff, after 20 years of service to their community, have no control or input into what happens to their seniors. They are now evaluated merely on how much each employee costs the county.

Thank you, Mr. Geraghty, for saving Warren County pennies at the expense of our senior citizens!

Seriously concerned,

Calista S. Murray

Diamond Point

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