Beware of rattlesnakes

To the Times of Ti:

I just wanted to share an experience with you as I feel this is a serious issue.

We bought a boat this year. We (my wife and two teen-age children) live and enjoy boating, especially on Lake George. After checking out the island in the Huletts Landing area we decided it would be fun to camp for a night or two. We were only able to fit one night in to our schedule. We had a wonderful day enjoying the outdoors, swimming and exploring the island.

It was around 7:30 when my wife and I were sitting on the boat watching my son swimming from the dock when my daughter came across a snake coming down to join us. We all thought she joking with us, but I started walking back up the path to see what the trouble was. I was no more than 2 or 3 feet from a tree when it started hissing at me. I just stopped and watched; a few seconds later this snake continues its journey across the path and as it is slithering past I notice two things — one this snake is large 3.5 to 4 feet long and about as big around as a fist. The other thing was that clear as day it was a rattle snake.

We were on a single site island that was relatively small. We immediately made a group decision to leave the island rather than risk further encounters with the snake. Of course this meant navigating the lake back to Mossy Point boat launch in the dark and packing or things with the last of the daylight which we accomplished hastily.

The next morning I called the Narrow Island ranger station and was trying to get some feedback on rattle snake sightings. I didn’t get any at all.

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