People for Positive Action

Mary Alice Shemo at a meeting of People for Positive Action.

Mary Alice Shemo at a meeting of People for Positive Action. Photo by Stephen Bartlett.

“University students are discouraged from registering here,” Shemo said.

As time passed, a few of the original members dropped out, but the resolve of those still committed only strengthened.

“I have been so disenchanted with the way things are going in the country, the corporate ownership of the media,” said Nancy Lewin. “I am tired of being angry.”

She had never joined such a group before and was curious about grassroots involvement.

“I am learning about democracy by the process.”

Shemo, who sometimes runs meeting feverishly, juggles all the topics and issues in her head, often jumping erratically from task to task and frustrating others in the group as she plows forward for answers and finalizations. But they understand her motives and know her commitment to justice.

She says the fire in her belly keeps her sharp.

The Citizens United Decision opened the door to corporate mischief, and social security is a victim of theft, she said in a single breath, touching on several more topics and gathering input from the rest of the group.

“We want to provide a platform for ordinary people to express where they stand and to try to have an impact on issues that affect us all,” Shemo said. “Operating under the name helps us to take a more positive approach.”

The group is planning many events in the future pertaining to issues such as Citizens United, Social Security, taxes, voter registration and more.

For more information on People for Positive Action, contact Shemo at 561-0291.

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