NFL picking contest Week 1

By the time you read this, the Super Bowl Champion New York Football Giants will have humiliated the Dallas Cowgirls on opening night. And so it begins again.

Before I forget, I want to thank DJ Alexander for the incredibly cool redesign of our online picking form. It’s totally awesome and my most preferred method of receiving. Be sure to check it out at http://www.newsenterprise.org/contests/football-pickem-contest/. Or, as a reminder, you can e-mail them to me at tom@denpubs.com; fax your picks to 518-873-6360; or mail them to PO Box 338, Elizabethtown, NY 12932. Be sure to include your FULL name and phone number, and be very clear about who you’re choosing to win each game. Also, do me a favor and list your winning team first; it just makes my life a tad easier! Thanks.

Week 1 always is sort of a crap shoot, since you never know how the off-season changes will effect a team. I am looking forward to seeing the Manning with only one Super Bowl ring play again, and I have a hunch his debut in Denver will result in a W.

Buffalo at Jets and San Francisco at Green Bay both have potential to be good games to watch. I’m taking the Bills, who the aforementioned DJ will love to hear me say, are poised for a strong season — perhaps even a trip to the playoffs! I have to go with the Pack at home, and will be curious to see if the ‘9ers are for real.

Enjoy the first week of another great season, get your picks in on time, and GO BIG BLUE!!!

Tom’s Week 1 Picks:

Giants 48, Dallas 0

Chicago 27, Indy 17

Philly 10, Cleveland 9

New England 21, Ten nessee 17

Atlanta 28, Kansas City 14

Minnesota 10, Jacksonville 7

New Orleans 27, Washington 9

Buffalo 24, Jets 13

Detroit 23, St. Louis 10

Houston 30, Miami 12

Green Bay 27, San Fran 23

Seattle 17, Arizona 13

Carolina 20, Tampa Bay 10

Denver 23, Pittsburgh 21

Baltimore 24, Cincy 14

San Diego 17, Oakland 13

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