Catillaz lobbies for winter farmers' market at Town Hall

Bevilacqua would support idea if details worked out

— “Things are happening, and I just want to see things continue,” Catillaz said.

When contacted by phone Monday, Sept. 3, Harrietstown Councilman Bob Bevilacqua, the Republican candidate for supervisor, said this was the first he’s heard of Catillaz’s farmers’ market idea, and he hasn’t seen a proposal, so he can’t comment on it. However, he said he would seriously consider a proposal to create a winter farmers’ market at the Harrietstown Town Hall.

“I like the farmers’ market,” said Bevilacqua, who also attended the Farm 2 Fork Festival this past Saturday. “It brings a lot of people into town, and that’s want you want to see, a lot of people in town on Saturdays.”

Bevilacqua said he remembers that a group had asked the Town Board in the past to create a winter farmers’ market, but he didn’t offer any specifics about the past proposal.

Yet, even though he supports the idea, Bevilacqua said using the Town Hall for a winter farmers’ market isn’t as easy as simply saying “yes.” Bevilacqua — who sits on the town’s Buildings and Grounds Committee with Councilman Ron Keough — said there are details that need to be worked out.

The town would first have to schedule the farmers’ market around other events, such as the Sparkle Christmas and Winter Carnival programs. Staffing needs to be considered, as there are only two maintenance employees for the Town Hall, John Wheeler and Jennifer Rush.

“If it’s going to be every weekend, do John and Jenn want to go every weekend to work that? That would be another question,” Bevilacqua said. “People do need time off.”

And the town would have to find a way to offset costs incurred during the event.

“They wouldn’t be able to get the Town Hall for free because there’s overtime that has to be covered and there’s people that have to clean up afterwards,” Bevilacqua said. “There would more than likely be some type of a charge, but that would all have to be discussed by the Town Board.”

Even with the details that would have to be worked out, Bevilacqua said establishing a winter farmers’ market at the Town Hall during the winter is certainly possible.

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