Another one bites the dust

Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

The auto industry leadership at one time was so arrogant they felt they could produce substandard vehicles. They learned a hard lesson: If they don’t provide an outstanding car for the American public, someone else will. Hence we have an American car industry now trying to play catch-up with foreign manufacturers. In time the newspaper publishing industry will come to its senses and realize if they produce a better product, in keeping with the wishes of their customers, circulation and profits will follow.

One last comment from a wise Post-Standard reader: “Why pay $1 per day for something that you can leisurely read on your patio when you can spend several hundred dollars every couple years chasing the newest technology so that you can become one of the zombies I see everywhere glued to their smartphone, Ipad, etc. instead of making personal connections by actually talking to people? The newest trend I have been observing is seeing parents (mostly moms) taking walks or sitting in the park incessantly texting instead of conversing with their young children. Technology is good but not every aspect of it is. We have raised a generation of college kids who have trouble conversing yet can bang out 10k texts per month or tweet well into the early morning thereby contributing to bad sleep habits that contribute to the obesity epidemic. For the record, I have a smartphone, IPad, and laptop so I am not a technophobe. I merely am one who uses it to "add value" to my life, not overtake it.”

Dan Alexander is publisher and CEO of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@denpubs.com.

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