Little truth in recent letter

To the Times of Ti:

The recent letter about Halliburton a company founded by Erle P. Halliburton, a hard working man, some 83 years ago was an example of what “Whitewashing” is all about! The only truth in the letter was that Mr. Halliburton started the Company and passed on in 1957.

Over the years Halliburton became a conglomerate with subsidiaries like Kellog, Brown & Root! KBR was awarded a total of $8 billion to provide laundry, food supply, and build bases for the US military in Iraq. This was a controversial “no-bid” contract handed out by the Bush administration for vice President Dick Cheney’s former employer. Mr. Cheney just happened to be a major stockholder in Halliburton when the contract was awarded.

Subsequently Halliburton announced that it would pay the government $27.4 million after it was discovered that it had grossly overcharged for the meals it supplied to the US military in Iraq. Halliburton also overcharged the military $6.3 million for fuel delivered to bases in Iraq and Kuwait.

Yes, Halliburton is a success story due to money from taxpayers who received nothing but a “Whitewashing.” I would expect those who stand up for Halliburton to do the same for Enron where the Taxpayer again picked up the tab. “Kenny Boy” Lay of Enron was a personal friend of the Bush family and other powerful people in the Bush administration! Enron’s debacle cost taxpayers billions of dollars and it is still affecting those caught up in its tentacles. We are already hearing the rattling of sabers by Candidate Romney and the Republican Party! Haven’t we lost enough of our brave warriors in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Many of those rattling sabers have never served and in fact received deferments in time of war. The cost of lives and those wounded will never be repaid and the financial cost of these Wars will be in the trillions when all is done. Is there any reason to wonder why our Country is in such financial straits. Americans have a choice this November to elect someone who will not hesitate to start yet another war or to re-elect President Obama who brought our troops home from Iraq and set a date for our troops to come home from Afghanistan. As a veteran I know the terrible cost of War. The Joint Chief’s of Staff have lauded President Obama as Commander-in-Chief as have the majority of veterans. I repeat ”We don’t need another War” and it’s in our best interest to elect a President who agrees.

Gary P. Guido,


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