It’s a shame

To the Times of Ti:

Teresa (Assemblywoman Sayward), shame on you! Supporting Owens is a major mistake. No one questions Bill Owens’ work ethic or integrity, but he is a Democrat! He is in bed with the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, supported Obama by voting positive on all the Obama initiatives putting the U.S. economy $6 trillion more in debt, debt that will be paid by other generations of U.S. citizens. Shame on all of us for allowing that. I worked hard all my life to pay my debts and to pass something on to my family when I go, if the government doesn’t steal it with estate taxes.

I supported you (Sayward) for many years, attend many function and visited you in Albany on property tax reform issues. This is the first time you let me and all who supported you down. I request you issue a press release retracting your support for Owens and encouraging people to vote for Matt Doheny.

Remember Obama and Clinton are working with the UN on confiscation of fire arms, taxing the internet and a host of other equally damaging taxes providing the start of world governance.

Teresa vote for Matt Doheny and correct the shame you have brought on yourself!

Bert Windle, Putnam

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