Harrietstown supervisor candidates ready for election

Extraordinary election could be replayed in 2013

Harrietstown Supervisor candidates Tom Catillaz (D) and Bob Bevilacqua (R).

Harrietstown Supervisor candidates Tom Catillaz (D) and Bob Bevilacqua (R). Photo by Andy Flynn.

— Warnings of impending doom as Hurricane Sandy roared into the Northeast Oct. 29 prompted the cancellation of a second debate between the two candidates for Harrietstown supervisor.

Therefore, the Valley News was not able to print a story about a debate, only reflect on what’s been an extraordinary race between Harrietstown Councilman Bob Bevilacqua (R) and Saranac Lake Village Trustee Tom Catillaz (D).

Since being chosen by their respective parties in August, the race had been intense, yet civil. For seven weeks, they pressed the flesh, updated their Facebook pages, made campaign videos, and issued numerous press releases with platform rhetoric about issues such as the Adirondack Regional Airport, the town’s business park and taxes. “Tax Cap” Tom and “No Nickname” Bob fought the good fight through public appearances, door-to-door trips around town and in the media.

But that all stopped on Oct. 9.

Catillaz suspended active campaigning on that date so he could deal with a serious family medical situation out of state. With a family member on his mind, there was no time or inclination to think about a campaign. The first debate scheduled for Oct. 16 was subsequently canceled.

Even after the announcement, Catillaz’s campaign signs remained intact around town and he stayed on the ballot while he took some time off to deal with the family crisis.

Then on Oct. 19, Catillaz jumped back into the race with the enthusiasm of a teenager. After 10 days, things on the home front had quieted down, and he was ready to ramp up his campaign.

With the cancellation of the second debate on Oct. 29, the debate organizers, Valley News and Adirondack Daily Enterprise, had to settle for a sit-down editorial board-style interview with the two candidates on Nov. 1 at the ADE offices in Saranac Lake. Although it’s too late for the print version, we plan on uploading video of the interview online at thevalleynewsadk.com.

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