Think beyond partisan politics November 6

And Democrats, in the same situation, would be overjoyed too.

Would both sides find ways to blame the other? History definitely indicates this.

But shouldn’t it be more about who is going to get the job done and bring about results that empower the largest amount of Americans possible?

Yes, each party, respectively, has ideals that voters belonging to those parties subscribe to and believe in, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, ideals are quite admirable.

But blindly accepting or dismissing an individual according to party affiliation seems like it carries, at least a slight possibility of sabotaging what one in fact desires.

Wouldn’t it behoove every voter to remain loyal to ideals but at the same time do some investigation, some real investigation that doesn’t include listening to propaganda, before making a final decision?

Who knows which party can truly cure America’s ailments?

But what seems evident is that while people might assume their party is faithfully representing them, knowledge is power and an uninformed choice at the polls could potentially create obstacles along the path to what we desire.

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