Election 2012: 114th Assembly: Dennis Tarantino (D) v. Dan Stec (R)

We are not asking the state for more money, we are asking for them to stop putting more money on the backs of taxpayers. The state is putting pressure on us to meet a standard and they are taking stuff out of their backpack and putting it in our backpack.

Everyone in the district is saying that same thing about the mandates. The vast majority of local budgets are things that are mandated by the state. They are not asking for state handouts, they are just saying don't keep running up our tab. I'm opposed to just shifting the burden back to the state, but the list of mandates cannot keep outpacing the tax cap.

The Lake George Park Commission will likely approve a plan requiring decontamination and inspection of boats before entering Lake George. Implementation of the program will require DEC approval and state funding. Do you support it?

The Warren County board has been frustrated with the issue of Asian clams for a number of years. We are very frustrated that the state has not been doing their job as a landowner of the lake and the clock is ticking, which is why we’ve made the decision to use occupancy tax money toward the problem. A lot of the supervisors in the park believe that some of these land purchase monies should go toward Asian clam and invasive species protection.

When it comes time for the APA to classify the 20,000 acres surrounding the Boreas Ponds tract, what type of classification would you support? How do you stand on removing the log cabin that overlooks the ponds and maintaining the roads and manmade dam there?

Maintain what you have in the cabin and the infrastructure that you have. Just to tear down a structure that you have does not make sense to me and does not seem right to me. If the state is going to own land, let people access the land for recreation. If you can’t take care of the land you already own, you shouldn’t be buying more land. I'm still hoping there is a compromise that will be more acceptable to people, such as a combination of classifications or conservation easements.

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