Election 2012: 114th Assembly: Dennis Tarantino (D) v. Dan Stec (R)

I am concerned that those that live here are not overcharged for the use of the lake.

When it comes time for the APA to classify the 20,000 acres surrounding the Boreas Ponds tract, what type of classification would you support? How do you stand on removing the log cabin that overlooks the ponds and maintaining the roads and manmade dam there?

I know the position of the environmentalists that they want to open it up. I am concerned about the needs of the hunting camps and protecting them. It's an APA issue to me in general and I would want to talk to specialized people on these specialized issues, like Fred Monroe, whose opinion I respect. I want to take a look at both sides before I react.

You favor raising the minimum wage. Please explain your rationale for that position when business owners argue that doing so will most likely force them to raise prices to adjust for increased labor costs?

In my small survey of business owners, I received just one significant opposition to my position. I said that it had been raised once before and I asked him if it affected his business, and he said no. The other people have said to me that it is time to raise it. They agree with the 80 percent of the people in the state that agree that it is time to increase the minimum wage. I don't think that it is going to hurt business, I really don't. Some people have even said it is a moral thing that we need to do. I think that it is needed, especially in this district.

The North Country has been dealing with lack of good job opportunities for our youth, sometimes referred to as Brain Drain.  What ideas do you have to help us retain our youth so they can help stimulate the North Country economy and see strong value in remaining here and raising their families here? 

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