Turning Back the Pages

Officers recently elected are President, W.K. Bixby, Vice-President Antonio Knauth, Treasurer L.F. Hyde, Secretary, and H.W. Guernsey. Among those who have been re-elected to the board of directors are F.T. Gates, H.W. Hayden and Maurice Hoopes.

Name in dispute

The matter of changing the name of Lake George Village is again being agitated. Down the lake people object to the incorporated name of “Lake George” for the village at the head of the lake on the grounds that the citizens in taking it are audacious, extremely selfish and have worked to the detriment of the other villages and hamlets on the lake. They argue that there is but one Lake George and that should cover the lake in its entirety. (Note…Since its inception the village was originally called “Caldwell” after its founder, James Caldwell, who in 1787 purchased the original patent.)

Season comes to a close

The Echo Lake Farm House, delightfully situated near the shore of Echo Lake (Note…now on the present day Fish Hatchery road end of the lake.) on a hilltop commanding a fine view of the Hudson River in a beautiful grove, is one of the most popular boarding houses in Warrensburgh or vicinity. It is conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Noble. The season has drawn to a close and has been one of the most successful the house has ever known. (Note…In a span of 100 years, the trees have grown up to a point that the river can no longer be seen.)

News roundabout

“All the unrest now pervading this country is due to its excessive prosperity. The workingmen all have good jobs and tremendous wages and they want still better jobs and higher wages.”

(Note…Time to save money! There is a big World War looming just over the horizon.)

Landlord Alfred C. Stone, of the Grand Army House, installed a steam heating plant in his hotel for the comfort of his guests in the coming cold weather. He has made many improvements since he purchased the hotel about a year ago and restored the house to its old time popularity. (Note…George Henry’s Tavern today stands on the site of the Grand Army house which burned many years ago when it was known as the Warren Inn.)

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