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To the Valley News:

I’m writing this letter to support Mike McGinn for the Town Council of Elizabethtown. Mike is experienced, honest, and straightforward, which is what the Board currently needs.

A year ago the voters were influenced by promised cost savings and of open, transparent government by a person who claimed experience in all levels of government. It’s turned out to be not true. The Supervisor is taking a pay check. Spending has increased and your taxes will be going up. The desire to exceed the 2 percent tax cap is openly discussed.

A year ago we had a budget officer and a part-time bookkeeper, at a cost of $20,000. We now have a full time bookkeeper, with healthcare, at a cost of $32,000; plus a new position called “Director of Finance.” This person will do the budget for the Supervisor. The pay scale for this Director, and where it will come from, is a little fuzzy since the same person is already an auditor/financial trainer and the Supervisor is already the Budget Officer. Since none of these prior appointments have been rescinded, we now have five paid financial positions.

The process of the Town Board has been corrupted. Illegal meetings and actions have been occurring throughout the year. The entire Board is not always allowed to participate in or determine important issues such as the Comprehensive Plan, the Sewer project, the Water Meter project, and the hiring of people. Some of this is incompetence, some of it deceit.

Mike has four-plus years experience working on Town budgets, while his opponent has none. Only one current Board member has any budget experience.

We need a Councilperson who will tell us the truth and be an advocate for legal government process and fiscal prudence. A Councilperson who will be an independent thinker and not be part of a team with an agenda. Mike McGinn is the only candidate with those qualifications.

Please vote for Mike.

Ken Fenimore, Elizabethtown

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