Zombies raise money for a good cause

The Headless Horseman awaits the Monster Dash and Goblin Gallup at Medicine Horse Farm.

The Headless Horseman awaits the Monster Dash and Goblin Gallup at Medicine Horse Farm. Photo by Stephen Bartlett.

Mimi Hawley, dressed as a harvest fairy, stood along the children’s course with Lilly, a horse at the facility dressed as a unicorn.

“It is remarkable what Marie does for the community,” Hawley said.

Jackie Curilla, her son Luke and friend, Patrick Hagadorn, completed the Goblin Gallup.

“We are here for fun and to support a great organization and to be chased by goblins,” said Curilla, a physical therapist at CVPH Medical Center.

Those who gathered for the event dressed up as ninjas, witches, Batman, Angry Birds, Dorothy and Toto and more.

As they walked around the grounds, the Headless Horseman, dressed in black atop a giant black horse, kept watch.

Barbie Ero-Oneil’s son Gage is on the autism spectrum and participates at Medicine Horse.

“He loves the horses and he speaks a lot here, which is something he doesn’t normally do.”

Darlene Burl arrived as Dr. Frankenstein with her grandson, Danny, who was dressed as Frankenstein. Her grandson has been attending Medicine Horse for one year.

“Many therapists said he would not be able to do certain things, and he is able to do those things because of Medicine Horse,” Burl said.

Postiglione-Dupell serves 24 people who range in age from 3 to adults and would like to help more individuals. But issues such as weather cause scheduling conflicts as well as an interruption in services, which results in regression for some individuals.

“We want to extend our hours and take on more individuals who need our services, and we don’t want folks who are medically compromised to have interrupted services,” Postiglione-Dupell said. “There are a lot of people who need services.”

Anyone interested in learning more and/or supporting Medicine Horse Farm should visit medicinehorsefarm.org.

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